Medal Display and Storage Boxes

These boxes are hand made through traditional methods that will last generations and will become a family heirloom with the treasured medals held within for storage or display.

All our medal boxes are unique. I utilise timber from every part of Australia, like those who have served our nation come from all parts, so do these timbers. Each medal box is a collaboration of Australia’s finest timbers that are selected for both their individual beauty, but also the ability to enhance the mix of timbers that have been crafted together.

Each medal box features a removable tray as the centre piece for displaying medals. A compartment below the main tray for storage of miniature medals, insignia and other dress items. The lid features a cork backed material that allows the displaying of service badges, name bars and other dress items that contain push pins.

We have a wide range of medal boxes and I can custom make any medal box that you require if the medal boxes we have on display do not meet your requirements. I am always adding more verities of Australian timbers to my collection to ensure I can capture every part of this amazing country. If I don’t have a particular timber that may have a special connection to you, I can source it and custom make your medal box in the timber that you want.