Medal Box 201 – Small – up to 6 medals


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This medal box brings together the spirt of Australia through the collaboration of timbers that span the country from Western Australian Banksia to River Red Gum from Victoria and Spotted Gum from NSW. Like those who have served our nation come from all parts, so do these timbers.

These medal boxes are hand made through traditional methods that will last generations and will become a family heirloom with the treasured medals held within for storage or display.

Each medal box features a removable tray as the centre piece for displaying medals. A compartment below the main tray for storage of miniature medals, insignia and other dress items. The lid features a cork backed material that allows the displaying of service badges, name bars and other dress items that contain push pins.

Featured Material:

  • Box lid – Western Australian Banksia
  • Box lid border and mitre keys – Figured River Red Gum
  • Box Carcase – figured spotted gum
  • Box lining – split pig skin suede (leather)
  • Finish – rubbed Danish Oil and hand polished hard wax


(small box) Holds up to 7 full size medals when court mounted in accordance with Army dress manual   (7 medals court mounted 170 mm wide).

Note: The medal box you see is the box you will receive. Each one is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity which also describes the timbers used and care instructions. Every attempt has been made to present the actual colour of each box, but this may vary when viewed on different devices. Timber and leather are natural materials and may contain small defects. In some cases I have actually selected the piece of timber or leather that contains a defect on purpose as I believe it can actually be a focal point of design. I craft these boxes and finish them in a manner that retains the tactile feeling of wood on your finger tips when you come into contact with them, they feel natural. These medal boxes have been made by my hands, I make them to look hand made, each one has been made with passion, each one is special to me as each one is unique and has its own story. Just like your medals…..


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