Introduction to Kumiko - Online Tutorial

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Join Wiggy of WIGWOOD for one on one, personal tutorial conducted online. Wiggy will lead you through the process of making the square Jigumi Kumiko template and the famous ASA-NO-HA infill pattern based using hand tools. On completion of this introduction to Kumiko, you will have the confidence to go on and explore the beautiful and rewarding art of kumiko based woodworking patterns on your own.


The tutorial will be conducted over 2 x 3 hour sessions providing personalised guidance. You will be introduced to a range of Japanese tools in completing the Kumiko coaster/small trivet featuring a single ASA-NO-HA inlay. Beginners through to experienced woodworkers will learn new skills! 


As a minimum to complete the tutorial successfully, you will require the tools listed below. Please note, the exact Nakaya Dozuki cross cut saw listed is essential. Items with a star* can be purchased through Japanese Tools Australia.

Western equivalent substitute can be used for the apron block plane and chisels, please contact me for suitability. You can make your own Kumiko Chamfer and Jigumi Jigs, please contact me for suitability in completing tutorial.


Your tools need to be sharp and ready to use. If tools are not sharp and ready to use, the tutorial will not be completed. If you have any questions, please contact me. WIGWOOD also offers a basic tool sharpening tutorial.


Complete tool kit and webcam hire is available at considerable cost. Please contact me for further detail.


Tool list

  • Kumiko strips/stock (supplied by WIGWOOD as part of the tutorial purchase)

  • Kumiko Chamfer jigs*, Asa-No-Ha set, 3 angles, 2 x 22.5, 45, 67.5

  • Square Jigumi - Kumiko cutting Jig* (specify left or right handed)

  • Nakaya Dozuki Extra Fine saw cross cut 210 mm* (Japanese Pull Saw) 

  • Small Apron block plane* (Kana -  42 mm Japanese Block Plane with flat sole) Or western equivalent apron block plane

  • Bench chisel* (Nomi - 3 and 24 mm Japanese Butt Chisels) Or Western equivalent bench chisels

  • Marking Knife*, very fine point, left or right handed

  • Wooden mallet or small hammer*

  • Precision square (small 75-100 mm)*

  • Rule (150 mm and 300 mm)

  • Dividers - good working order 

  • F Screw Clamps (x 2) (suitable to hold jigs to bench

  • Quick Clamps (x 2) (suitable to hold jigs to bench)

  • Pencil with an eraser at one end

  • Masking Tape (24 mm)

  • PVA Wood Glue

  • Workbench or table Must be very sturdy and you must have access to corners of workbench/table with the jigs clamped securely with good light.

  • Electric/battery Palm sander (not random orbital) with 180 grit paper or Sand paper and sanding block


IT - Online participant requirements (hardware/software)


  • Good/reliable internet connection that maintains webcam connectivity. Poor connectivity will impact amount of tutorial content that is delivered.

  • laptop with inbuilt webcam (this webcam for face to face interaction)

  • Seperate webcam (this camera will focus on the project)

  • Microsoft teams application (free online)


Steps to prepare for tutorial


On purchasing a tutorial, WIGWOOD will be in contact with you to discuss the following:


  • Set mutually acceptable date/time for the 2 x 3 hour session. Tutorials are available Monday - Friday after
    4 pm and Saturday/Sunday anytime.

  • Kumiko strips delivered. 

  • Arrange a pre tutorial test of IT (webcam/Microsoft Teams) a few days before tutorial starting.

  • Conduct the 2 x 3 hours tutorial session.