Engraving (laser etching) is a great way to personalise an item through adding either text or graphics. Here at WIGWOOD we can arrange engraving on your behalf by providing the box you have purchased to a highly professional third party business that specialises in wood engraving (laser etching) to simplify the handling process for you.

If you would like to include graphics you will have to provide a high resolution graphics file. This graphics file should also include any text in the correct font style and positioned in relation to the graphics for final engraving. For the best results a black and white graphics file is preferred.

WIGWOOD will not source graphics or seek approval for the use of graphics. WIGWOOD will not alter any graphics files supplied. It is up to the purchaser to supply graphics that have been sourced through correct approval processes that meet copy right laws. WIGWOOD will simply forward on any information you have provided directly to the engraver along with your box for engraving.

Successful engraving (laser etching) in wood can be complex and not all wood and designs are compatible. We will provide advice regarding the suitability of graphics and wood combinations to simplify the process for you to ensure great results.

Due to the complex nature of wood and quality of image provided engraving is at the risk of the purchaser.

WIGWOOD is more then happy to provide guidance regarding the engraving process and our aim is to ensure that the customers needs are met. The engraving process can seem difficult and we will make every effort to ensure your custom product is personalised as you have envisioned. Please contacts via email to discuss further.

Engraving will attract an additional fee of $80.  Engraving can be purchased in addition to your item through the online shop.