Urn Box  - Cremation/Memorial Urn

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Each cremation/memorial urn has been hand made in Australia from Australian native timbers that will last for generations as an heirloom. Each Urn is unique, as they have been individually hand crafted ensuring the natural beauty of the timber is highlighted. 


Custom urns can be made to suit any size or style required and WIGWOOD can help guide you through the process. No two are the same and custom orders are encouraged to ensure the perfect piece is crafted for your loved one. The person who will craft the urn is the person you will talk with.

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Each one is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity which also describes the timbers used and care instructions.


Every attempt has been made to present the actual colour of each box, but this may vary when viewed on different devices. Timber is a natural material and may contain small defects. In some cases I have actually selected the piece of timber that contains a defect on purpose as I believe it can actually be a focal point of design. I craft these boxes and finish them in a manner that retains the tactile feeling of wood on your finger tips when you come into contact with them, they feel natural.


These urns have been made by my hands, I make them to look hand made, each one has been made with passion, each one is special and unique as the memory held within…..

The urn has been designed to accommodate the standard temporary ashes box provided by most Australian crematoriums.