Hand made from Native Australian Timbers featuring Japanese Art of "Kumiko" in the form of the famous ASA-NO-HA flower. This handcrafted Jewellery/Keepsake box is both beautiful and funcational. Each piece has been crafted to compliment the other and will last generations. 


The main structure of the box is made from the unique Austrailan Red Cedar which also known as "RED GOLD" due to its beauty of depth colour. The pale Kumiko patern and frame are made from Australian Hoop Pine. The box is lined with leather and hand made Japanese paper (Chiyogami).


WIGWOOD offers a complete custom service to meet your needs. Wiggy of WIGWOOD takes pride in bringing your ideas to life! This box is just a sample of the possabilities that can be crafted into the perfect gift for you or someone else. Contact WIGWOOD now.


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We will work with you to create the perfect peice for your house or a gift for someone special.

Kumiko Jewellery/Keepsake Box

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